Friday, September 10, 2010

This evening, as I started the usual bedtime routine with my girls, life got my attention. I suddenly was very uncomfortable in my abdominal area and felt that I might throw up. I immediately thought, “oh, shoot!, what did I eat that brought this on?” I figured I drank too much milk and my stomach wasn’t able to digest it well. Then as I desperately went to make myself some tea to ease the pain, and tried to continue reading with my daughter, I felt something more was at the root of this. And as I thought about what I might’ve done today that was not spiritually healthy for me versus what I’d eaten, I went back to a couple of hours ago when I was at my son’s school, standing around waiting for him, looking around and criticizing the people I saw. My thoughts went something like this: Wow, that woman is soo heavy!, And that lady.. now WHY would she bring her dog into the school—what is she thinking??, That man and his son look exactly the same.. so dirty and sloppy. I even remembered having the thought, “Notice what you’re doing—you sure you want to continue?” And at the moment, not being able to jump over to loving, positive thoughts which felt so unreachable, I continued. There was no question that this was related, that my spirit was now letting me know that what I chose to do (not eat) was the culprit, and it was time to deal with the negative energy of it all.

And so, as my daughters were continuously shocked at how much I was burping, saying, “geeeez, mom!” and I was on my second cup of tea (with 2 tea bags in each for quick relief!)—I told Life I got it.. “I got the message, that behavior I indulged in was not good for me, for my spirit.” I now had two daughters in bed and another who still wanted me to “pleeeaase!” straighten her hair, and then I was finally able to lie down and relax into this dis-ease. And as I lay there, I had an idea for an energetic remedy. I began to say the word ‘love’ with every breath I took, visualizing sending that emotion down my esophagus to soothe my body and spirit, then I fell asleep.

I awakened in the middle of the night to write this and revisit what a friend and I talked about earlier today… that there is great responsibility that comes with the intention to grow and learn on a spiritual level. And be aware that when you go down a path that contradicts your higher purpose… Life will squeeze you where it hurts and let you know!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Children, Children....'ve accumulated so many things over time. Your life is now full to capacity and not one more thing will fit. You have filled your schedules with things to do, your homes with objects, your minds with worries, and your hearts with pain. And now the time has come to do what we know is best. In order for you to see what is really important, everything must go. You will want to hold on to your 'toys', even the ones you haven't played with in months, but please know that it will all be ok. Trust me. When your life is less cluttered, you'll begin to notice the things that you'd forgotten you always had. I now give you the biggest, most loving embrace you've ever felt. You feel so loved and so protected, that you release your hold on your things and know that you can relax completely because I am assuring you that what lies ahead is worth it. Know that everything is and will be well. I love you.
~Mother Earth

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Only Love
Everything you do affects me. Look around and see what is happening, and you’ll see the consequences of your actions. It is time for you to see that you are so significant, so important, and so valuable, that everything you do either keeps me healthy and strong or makes me ill. Right now I am not so well and I lovingly ask you to please take better care of me. There is only so much I can take of your misuse of my resources. When you see that my life is in your hands, that you have the power to heal or destroy me, my health will improve. I am currently feeling depleted and I need your help to gain my strength back. Start taking better care of me, because when you do, I will recover so dramatically and have another opportunity to thrive and flourish. It is up to you to show by your actions that you love and honor me. Only your love will save us all.

~planet Earth

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love myself

I am proud of myself for how far I've come, what I've accomplished so far in my own growth. I am very thankful that after all the work I've done on myself, all the seeking I've done for the truth of Who I Am, I am now understanding the true beauty of Life. I appreciate myself. I give myself credit for every decision to try harder, every struggle, every attempt to be better, to understand myself, others, and God... for sticking it out no matter how difficult, how misunderstood I've felt.
I thank myself for being here, for everything I am, and everything I do. I see that I am special, that my voice and opinion matter, and that I am important.
I love myself.

I need you

Why don’t you come to me, to check on me, to see what I’m doing, show interest, take part in what I’m doing? You assume I’m content with this object, this gadget, this thing.. that I prefer it over your love and attention. Well, you’re wrong. I’d love it if you could stop what you’re doing and come ask me what’s on my mind or ask if I’d like to do something with you. Is that so difficult? You may not realize how much I need to connect emotionally with you. Please don’t let days and months go by with us living in different worlds in the same house. I may pretend that all I want to do is be alone with my things, but really I just don’t know how to tell you that I might be bigger on the outside, but inside I’m still a kid that needs you. I do what I do and appear to be happy, but really I wait, wonder if anyone cares enough to come spend some time with me. Please take the time before I’m all grown and moved out, because we’ll never be able to go back to this time when I need you so much.
~every teen