Saturday, July 31, 2010

Children, Children....'ve accumulated so many things over time. Your life is now full to capacity and not one more thing will fit. You have filled your schedules with things to do, your homes with objects, your minds with worries, and your hearts with pain. And now the time has come to do what we know is best. In order for you to see what is really important, everything must go. You will want to hold on to your 'toys', even the ones you haven't played with in months, but please know that it will all be ok. Trust me. When your life is less cluttered, you'll begin to notice the things that you'd forgotten you always had. I now give you the biggest, most loving embrace you've ever felt. You feel so loved and so protected, that you release your hold on your things and know that you can relax completely because I am assuring you that what lies ahead is worth it. Know that everything is and will be well. I love you.
~Mother Earth


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