Friday, September 10, 2010

This evening, as I started the usual bedtime routine with my girls, life got my attention. I suddenly was very uncomfortable in my abdominal area and felt that I might throw up. I immediately thought, “oh, shoot!, what did I eat that brought this on?” I figured I drank too much milk and my stomach wasn’t able to digest it well. Then as I desperately went to make myself some tea to ease the pain, and tried to continue reading with my daughter, I felt something more was at the root of this. And as I thought about what I might’ve done today that was not spiritually healthy for me versus what I’d eaten, I went back to a couple of hours ago when I was at my son’s school, standing around waiting for him, looking around and criticizing the people I saw. My thoughts went something like this: Wow, that woman is soo heavy!, And that lady.. now WHY would she bring her dog into the school—what is she thinking??, That man and his son look exactly the same.. so dirty and sloppy. I even remembered having the thought, “Notice what you’re doing—you sure you want to continue?” And at the moment, not being able to jump over to loving, positive thoughts which felt so unreachable, I continued. There was no question that this was related, that my spirit was now letting me know that what I chose to do (not eat) was the culprit, and it was time to deal with the negative energy of it all.

And so, as my daughters were continuously shocked at how much I was burping, saying, “geeeez, mom!” and I was on my second cup of tea (with 2 tea bags in each for quick relief!)—I told Life I got it.. “I got the message, that behavior I indulged in was not good for me, for my spirit.” I now had two daughters in bed and another who still wanted me to “pleeeaase!” straighten her hair, and then I was finally able to lie down and relax into this dis-ease. And as I lay there, I had an idea for an energetic remedy. I began to say the word ‘love’ with every breath I took, visualizing sending that emotion down my esophagus to soothe my body and spirit, then I fell asleep.

I awakened in the middle of the night to write this and revisit what a friend and I talked about earlier today… that there is great responsibility that comes with the intention to grow and learn on a spiritual level. And be aware that when you go down a path that contradicts your higher purpose… Life will squeeze you where it hurts and let you know!

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