Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Only Love
Everything you do affects me. Look around and see what is happening, and you’ll see the consequences of your actions. It is time for you to see that you are so significant, so important, and so valuable, that everything you do either keeps me healthy and strong or makes me ill. Right now I am not so well and I lovingly ask you to please take better care of me. There is only so much I can take of your misuse of my resources. When you see that my life is in your hands, that you have the power to heal or destroy me, my health will improve. I am currently feeling depleted and I need your help to gain my strength back. Start taking better care of me, because when you do, I will recover so dramatically and have another opportunity to thrive and flourish. It is up to you to show by your actions that you love and honor me. Only your love will save us all.

~planet Earth

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